My contribution to world peace may be small, but I will have given all I can to an ideal I hold sacred.

The Pau Casals Chair is a project in agreement between the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and the Pau Casals Foundation with the aim of promoting contemporary research, knowledge, dissemination and debate on the musical and humanistic dimension of Pablo Casals and his extraordinary legacy, as well as the values he defended throughout his life. A Chair to promote the commitment of culture and music to the major problems of today’s society, to bring together people, researchers and artists. A space for reflection and research on the role of music in intercultural dialogue and institutions that defend human rights and multilateralism for a better world.

The Chair has two central areas of action:

  1. The musical legacy of Pablo Casals, total musician: performer, conductor and composer.
  2. The humanistic legacy of Pablo Casals and the contemporary reading of the defence of peace, democracy and human rights.